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Senior Life Enrichment Center

We recognize the importance of mental and emotional health to an individual's well-being. Although many of us tend to turn to family members, friends, and pastors for help with life's challenges, there are
many times when additional assistance is needed. To help, we established our Senior Life Enrichment Center (SLEC), the only such program in our region dedicated to seniors.

The program assists individuals in dealing with issues such as caregiver challenges, relocation,
retirement, financial problems, loss of a loved one, or health and physical changes. Individuals needing
assistance may have some of the following symptoms: feeling "blue," forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and/or making decisions, uncontrollable emotions, nervousness, frustration, loneliness and sleep or appetite changes.

Our treatment team includes a medical director, program director, nurse manager, primary therapist, transportation coordinator and community education specialist. These individuals work together with the patient, family members and the primary care doctor in a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that the best quality of care is provided.

The SLEC program is conveniently housed in a new facility off the hospital campus. Snacks and a meal are provided during the treatment day and comfortable transportation is available within a 40-mile radius. Medicare covers 80% of the charges with most secondary insurances covering the remainder.